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Networking To Help Children, Inc. was started in 2009 by Realtor and networking guru, David Chirico.  Having made a name for himself as a professional networking leader, David always dreamed of uniting business networking with philanthropy.  Moreover, David had always had a passion for supporting charities that benefited children or others in the community who were afflicted in some measure. Better still, by donating to a different charity every month, David knew that his efforts would be felt by the masses.  By 2014, Networking To Help Children officially became a Non-Profit Organization.

To date, Networking To Help Children has raised and donated over $895,000 for its unique cause and has never lost focus of its goal to help children.  We are always looking for new charities that fit our profile, sponsors to host our events, donors to support the effort, volunteers to spread our mission and business professionals to come out and network for a cause at our monthly events.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to support charitable organizations who have a local reach in our community, both financially and with volunteerism, through donations and the support of sponsors and attendees of our social and professional events.

Happy Children
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How We Got Started

Networking To Help Children, was founded in 2009 to unite business networking and philanthropy in order to improve our community and benefit children.

"We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Meet The Board



David Chirico is firmly committed to many philanthropic endeavors.  A few strategic priorities: Alleviating the problem of hunger and abuse and the Prevention and cure of chronic illnesses.

One of Dave’s passions is helping others in need, something that he has been doing for a long time.  Dave is a networker by heart, something that he truly is passionate about.   Early in 2009 Dave decided it was time to start doing charity events making children the spotlight, which is when Networking to Help Children started. By combining professional business networking with a philanthropic message, his organization has recognized tremendous success.  All funds collected at every Networking to Help Children event are donated directly to the beneficiary charity of the month.


Diana Reese is a passionate advocate for children with a background in child welfare and currently focusing on finding homes for Florida's foster children.



Julissa Carlson is committed to giving back to her community and is passionate about raising awareness to those in need.  For over a decade, Julissa has been an instrumental part of this organization and is eager to bring the community closer.  ​



Howard Silver



Jordan Brown

David B Norris


David Norris



Tim Marino

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